Entry Title: " 'Skyscrapers'"
Hazel Hutton
, Hazhut.wix.com/hazelhutton,Ireland
Category and Expertise: Sculpture, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

From March to May 2015, I studied in Shanghai University China on a student exchange. First impression of Shanghai China was the sheer size and awesomeness of everything. The architecture was broad and widespread. From pure astatic design to impress, to simple quick units designed to be quickly erect. Every building filled the skyline, whether it was towering above you or rolling ahead and behind you as you passed on the train. The larger the buildings got, the larger I could imagine them. The simple and elegant lines on the arising soon turn into sheer awesome
towering structures. Growing up in the lush green wildness of the southern Irish countryside has given me a love of its native animals, its myths and legends.The Fox and the hair stand true to this. It is the inspiration behind the series
'skyscrapers'. Each piece stands approximately 80 cm high and is made of solid cast glass.

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