Entry Title: "RICO Spanish Dining"
Aiji Inoue
, Tokyo,Japan
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

Designs associate with the cities of Spain. We changed the designs for each area in the restaurant. Common concept is Tradicional e Imprevistowhich is, traditional and unexpected, in other words, tradition and unpredictable. And the ratio is tradition 8:unpredictable2. We together with our client decided this rule (the ratio), and have achieved a successful outcome. Each city in Spain presents a different face. This indeed is the Spainess. We actually visited Spain and brought back our inspiration to form these designs. If we should call these designs original, we have prepared the following story to create each area. That is, By observing tradition from generation to generation, will preserve the tradition and at the same time will generate the owners avocation and identity. And this new usage will bring other unexpected arranges".

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