Entry Title: "MYNT Flagship store Barcelona"
, Spain
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

The store design is based on a three-dimensional grid that creats a visually permeable volume, which commands the space, while generating niches to expose the product. The elements of the structure progressively grown according to a recurrence relation inspired by the Fibbonacci sequence suggesting a progressive and open expansion of space.
The grid sets a dedicated exhibition place up for each accessorize, although it grants the versatility of the showroom, the display elements can be rearranged with the arrival of new products. Lighting works as compositional element that emphasizes the rhythm of the grid and a mirror on the celling optically enlarges the space.
As we approach, the facade gradually discloses inside of the shop, that creates variety of different perspective views and diverse experiences in each spot.
The shop window has a double reading, as the exhibition can be seen both from outside and inside, multiplying the effectiveness of exposure meters.

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