Entry Title: "Hang-ON!"
Andrea Cingoli - CONCEPTICON
, -Teramo,Italy
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

Today life is much more complex than it once was: our needs and our necessities are constantly evolving along with the spaces in which we live. We therefore need devices that make our environment around us flexible and hang-on! is surely a lighting system that does not disappoint : the illuminated hangers can be moved freely on their low tension, electrified support allows you to move the light around as needed, to increase the light's intensity by adding additional hangers which turn on as soon as their hung up, or to colour the area by using the hangers for what they were made for and hang up coloured clothes.
This system can be used both at home and for your business. Each hanger is equipped with an energy efficient LED strip. The hangers are also sold separately from the support system and the system itself can be added to with extension kits.

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