Entry Title: "FLOW: intimate portraits of Jellyfish"
Barry Steven Greff
, United States
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Jellyfish are luminous creatures; floating in water they are graceful, weightless and elegant like dancers. Mysterious as the ocean itself, Jellyfish are dynamic in form and shape.

The Sea is the life force that makes the earth habitable for mans existence and therefore we are inextricably connected to it. The power and vast reach of the sea is undeniable. Compelling and irresistible, experiencing the elegance of oceanic creatures up close is an illuminating experience.

The Jellyfish in my series are on display for human enrichment and I rejoice in recording their natural beauty, brilliant colors, and fluid, varied shapes. If only for a photographic moment I capture them mid-flow where they exist beyond the human condition of gravity, muscles and bones.

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