Entry Title: "Electricity, Sound & Contemplation"
Gary James Lee
, San Francisco,United States
Category and Expertise: Painting, Professional

Entry Description:

Electricity, Sound & Contemplation is a triptych inspired by the artists role in society, culture, and the environment. It is an ethical commitment to positively use technology: respecting history, the future, and each other. Each canvass has a main figure which may be interpreted as mankind, the artist or someone else, who is surrounded by other characters both human and beast.

The imagery represented in these paintings are spontaneously liberated from the brush. They are building blocks to tell stories. Within and between each canvass, fresh interpretations are the intent of the artist. Unlike traditional paintings, Electricity, Sound & Contemplation intend to engage the viewer to become a part of the artwork in an open ended direction. They allow the viewer to decipher their own connections and to decide their own interpretations. The paintings are not complete without an audience.

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