Entry Title: "In Utero - Hospital Club 10th Anniversary Party, London"
Cherrie Cheok Leng Lau
, Hong Kong
Category and Expertise: Installation, Non-Professional/Student

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In Utero
at Hospital Club, London

In response to the history of the Hospital Club as a Maternity Hospital, Cherries concept is to create a foetal retreat that replicates a mothers womb. Unless one has been blessed with super memory power, no-one remembers the feeling of beingin the world's most comforting space possible.In Utero is a Latin term meaning 'in the womb'. An umbrella is a hand-held portable canopy designed to shield people against rain or sunlight. Likewise, the womb protects the foetus in a safe environment.

In Utero is designed to be a temporary, modular structure made of jointed umbrellas. During the course of the event In Utero becomes a platform for spectators to feel enclosed, and suck wine from tubes: an intimate drinking experience inspired by umbilical cord. Research and design are focused on Touch, Sight and Hearing to recreate the experience of being in the

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