Entry Title: "On The Nature Of Things"
Christoph Franke
, Germany
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

On the Nature of Things

Trees take center stage in my life. I feel a deep reverence for their unique nature as I create my images. For me, trees represent the connection between energy (air, light) and the material world (soil, earth).

Each time I am working on the tree crowns, I take numerous single frames to be assembled later, paying great attention to every detail, thus deepening the encounter. Through this intimate face-to-face with the trees, I want to capture the primordial energy of these ancient living beings.

I opted to position the treetops upside down in the final work just as they are projected onto our retina initially. Reversed in that way, the images remind me of roots, medicinal illustrations of a human lung, a family tree or a symbolic tree of life, as they appear in ancient traditional weavings.

My series On the Nature of Things is based on a visualization of the alchemical formula Above is one with below, inside is one with outside, spirit is one with body.

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