Entry Title: "Porto Ferreira - Waterloo Vintage 1815 "
, Portugal
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The essence of Porto Ferreira and the spirit of the people of the Douro are portrayed in just five minutes; the art of time and know-how; the history of a family and the strength and passion of a woman - Dona Antnia Adelaide Ferreira - which indelibly marked the history of the Douro and Port wine.

Inspired by time, the film reflects the luxury and exclusivity of the brand, which was able to wait, until today, to present unique and exceptional wines. Waterloo Vintage 1815, whose packaging and decanter were also created by Omdesign, is a good example of this. These are extremely luxurious and exclusive, completely handcrafted in exotic wood, silver and natural leather.

The very characteristic and unique shadows in the Port cellars give natural magic to the film, which shows an incomparable cellar filled with Porto Ferreira Vintages. The emblematic Waterloo Vintage 1815 was left to rest and age here for 200 years. At the end of the film, it is carefully prepared for its journey to London. All of this while the world experienced events that made history over the last two centuries.

Produced and directed by the Portuguese advertising agency Omdesign, this promotional film reflects the new Luxury of Time concept, which began with the iconic Waterloo Vintage 1815. It was auctioned in London by Sotheby's on 7 May 2015 and will go down in history as the most expensive Vintage ever at auction.

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