Entry Title: "They were"
Master of Arts in Visual Arts graduate from the Faculty of Multimedia Communications & Photography at the University of Arts, Poznan (Academy of Fine Arts). Borys Makary learned fashion photography at the International
, Poland
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

They Were project in its form comes down to a Man-Ray like imaging of reality with negatives on which the author hand-painted signs and figures, symbolizing the nature of the person shown in the picture. The starting point was numerology, hidden symbols, that, avoiding literality, were to tell something about the person.
They Were photographs, each of which tells
a story about a different woman. These graphic images, hand-painted by their author, attract and intrigue the viewer, making them analyse the complex patterns of personalities. Borys Makary does not tell the viewers everything, letting them read and interpret his works freely and independently.

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