Entry Title: "States of Grace: the Aviary"
Wendi Schneider
, -Denver,United States
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

The "States of Grace" series is inspired by a quest to illuminate the grace of the natural world. I am drawn to the sensual lines of natural forms and capture the fleeting beauty that is often overlooked, to preserve that magical moment that glorifies the subject. Informed by my background in painting and art history, I portray a personal interpretation rather than a strict representation, to find a balance between the real and the imagined, and to awaken a past feeling or create a future memory that instills a dreamlike sense of calmness, serenity and peace. These images were captured and layered digitally and printed with pigment ink on vellum. White gold leaf was applied to the back of the image to create texture and drama, and to emphasize the precious quality of the subjects. I work in the wild and with rescue and education organizations, nature preserves and zoos. A portion of proceeds of sales of these images benefits the organization or an appropriate organization if photographed in the wild.

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