Entry Title: "The Gatekeepers"
Roula Sorour
, London,United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

n a period of enviromental crisis one might at first sight think this work is about the environment, pollution and our oceans , the disruption of the natural cycle in nature!

All seasons looking the same , morphing into one, living in a permanent winter or eternal summer , how sustainable is that in the the long run? However I only drew my inspiration from the power of nature in order to approach a more insidious form of power , that of the gatekeepers.

From Cerber to the modern age ones, gatekeepers have always existed, and are everywhere.
They come in different shapes forms and colors,can be visible or transparent , and keep evolving! They belong to different worlds from the digital to the cultural and everything in between .

Like sharks they decide who is to be made visible and who is to disappear!
Being an artist I have strongly felt the presence of the Gatekeepers in the Artworld.So much so that i dedicated a large scale photo to their power! Funny thing I recently came across a New York Times article
At Art Basel, a Powerful Jury Controls the Market which confirmed my intuition about their very own existence.

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