Entry Title: "Antonella condominium residence"
Torres & Bello associated architects
, -Porto Alegre,Brazil
Category and Expertise: Architectural Design, Professional

Entry Description:

The implementation of Antonella condominium residence in a lot on a severe slope in the city of Caxias do Sul in southern Brazil, happens quite clearly. The design reaches an architectural object of great simplicity and lightness, which is balanced, accurate and current markedly.
The building is nothing more than a white cube with subtracted volumes exploring its architectural expression and resolution of a warm and dynamic interior space flooded with natural light.
Holes in the box provide beyond the natural lighting, they deliver a visual connection between the internal and external spaces.
A great mobile brise-soleil covers the house glass facade, giving the resident the ability to control its exposure to the elements and manipulate the lighting of different indoor environments.
Form and material constitute the peculiarity of this residence. White volumes, wood and concrete are combined in different distribution and textures, and associated with volumetric careful and subtle angles.
The materials are honest. Concrete, glass, wood and steel are shown in its essence, without intermediaries.
The ground floor receives the social life of the residence in a broad and integrated space. Home life happens in a separate and secluded location on the upper floor that is distributed in two separate areas: the couple is located in the northern area and the children are positioned in the southern part. Both are connected by a walkway which reinforces the architectural intention, always seeking the maximum contact with the environment in glazed areas.

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