Entry Title: "Landascape-Digital Art"
Shpresa Tolaj Gjonbalaj
, -Peja, Kosovo ,Albania
Category and Expertise: Digital, Professional

Entry Description:

In this digital painting is presented nature of the painter country . The reality, vitality, coloration and the future of the country.
Strong colors reflect the strength, love, delicacy, welfare, youth explosion.
There appear trees that stand vertically without breaking, they stands like Kosovo people, Because the people of Kosovo still stand strong and vertically, despite from they terrible experiences and horror of war violence. Although reflected around the fog blurred vision and social problems and other pressures from terrorist organizations that pose a threat to the entire world.
Therefore artistic realization includes beauty, coloration, vitality, severity, pain, life and optimism for the future.
But judging criminal acts suspicious identity, that criminal organizations are doing around the world. For its edges fog of the work presented in artistic shows and cloud causing fear in people around the world the terrible acts.
The world is beautiful, and spectacular nature, but bad people want to destroy the beauty that God has given.
Picture in generally calls for a beautiful world, for a global welfare. It say stop the violence, suffering, terror and death.
It seeks happiness, nature pure, good man, nice for a future of children worldwide.
Because children want to grow calm and happy, carefree, fearless. They are innocent, love life, do not want to die, but to live and to rejoice at the good things that life offers. They do not want to think about terrible things, about violence, about war, murder and death.
So adults have an obligation to provide beautiful, and safe life for the future of our children. for the future of the planet.
To provide good life for new generations, like the nature that is created from God is very beautiful.
The adults must stop the violence, blood, tragedies, disasters that cause human hand in world

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