Entry Title: "Karl"
Diana Sokolic
, Zagreb,Croatia
Category and Expertise: Fashion, Professional

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In the history of costume, there were different types of collars. Some were detachable; most of them were stiffened by starch.
This collar necklace is made out of light PVC plastic.
In spite of its size it is very light and comfortable. It can also be worn with pearls or a bow.
The size and the stiffness of the collar give certain elegance to a neck line.
It also improves the posture of the body. The posture becomes more upright and that gives an impression of self-confidence.
This collar is made out of very light, 3mm thick PVC plastic.
I was experimenting with different sizes and shapes for more than a year. Sometimes I was so discouraged that I left my project for weeks. My main concern was to avoid any similarities between this collar and the Schanz collar. Eventually, I think that I have succeeded.
I was studying different types of collars throughout the history of costume, their shapes and sizes. In spite of the fact that I wanted to make this type of collar, I wanted to get acquainted with the ground principle of the collar itself.
I was drawing, projecting, making prototypes out of paper, cardboard, textile...and eventually PVC which gives different possibilities of shaping the form in the more sculptural way.
Last year I made cuff-bracelets inspired with Fred Astaire. The idea about making the collar was born at the same moment. It is inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, his upright and elegant figure and unavoidable collar. It took me a year to find the most appropriate size and shape. Now the cuffs and the collar make a perfect, noble combination.
This work is homage to Karl Lagerfeld and his enormous contribution to fashion

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