Entry Title: "Do you li(k)e your li(f)e ?"
Yingting Shih and Pohua Lin
, Taoyuan County,Taiwan
Category and Expertise: Graphic Design, Professional

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Entry Description:

This poster reminds university students to notice internet addiction and go back to their real life. To do this, we use 0 and 1 to constitute the background. We also replace the letter "o" with zero, the letter "i" with one, the letter "k" with "Like!" button and the letter "f" with the logo of Facebook. At first glance, viewers will read the sentence as "Do you lie your lie?" and then they will read the sentence as "Do you lie your life?" or "Do you like your lie?". Finally they will read the sentence as "Do you like your life?". By using this intentional pun, we force university students to rethink their relationship between real and virtual life. Besides this pun, we create a new Chinese word "Face-lose" because "book" of Facebook is homophonic with "lose" in Chinese. While students view this poster, they will confuse "book" with "lose" and start to think whether they will win or lose when they surf the net.

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