Entry Title: "Man vs Woman"
Raymond Phang
, Singapore
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

In the eyes of the society, there are tasks that men are better at doing as compared to women. Women tend to consume lesser calories than men, women are always the one trying to attract and get the attention of their male partner. So this sets me thinking. Is it really the case in our society now?

Does gender makes a difference when it comes to the way we eat and the way we react? In this series of photograph, the woman is equally competent and even the social stigma that gaming is for men doesn't apply on her. She is very much a hardcore gamer topping the charts in almost all the games that she played. She gets so absorbed and lost in her gaming world that it became an illusion between virtual and reality. She is also clearly a much bigger eater than her male partner and that is true in real life. Not one to dress up for attention, her partner became the one trying all ways and methods just to grab her attention.

Times have changed and we have evolved from what we used to be, to who we want to be. Not just a label that society puts on us, but what we think, we can finally become.

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