Entry Title: "container"
Setmund leung Kam Biu
, Hong Kong,Hong Kong
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

In order to make use of the tiny and limited spaces for living, the high-rise development should be adopted.
The concept of this design which is inspired by the container terminal, is mainly used several containers to utilize the space.
This room is designed with 6 containers which divided different living areas. The lower part is the kitchen with dining area, the living area and the bathroom. The upper part is the cloakroom, sleeping area and workplace. All the necessary facilities are well provided at all areas.
Operation of this room
Each part of the room can be used independently. When you want to use the lower region, you only need to pull down the doors.

When you want to use the upper region, you just need to pull up the door of the lower region, and use the doors as the access to reach the upper region.

It is suitable for the young, single people to live as the design is modern with mechanization, which
can show the users personal touches on living.

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