Entry Title: "night for day"
Mathias Baumann
, Düsseldorf,Germany
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Photography as we generally understand it, is distinguished for its greater content of truth. Photography would rather be discovered than invented. The nature of photography as a technical procedure for depicting images, it could not be any other way.

But thinking of the fact that photography is so different from our way of seeing just because of its conformities to the natural laws of being single-eyed, perspective, cropping, colour, light and time, it seems to produce images in which deception is always inherent and the question of the idea of truth itself comes up.

Photography literally means writing with light and the camera makes it possible through endless extended exposure time, allowing the use of very dim light, which occurs to us only as a weak black & white - the light of the moon. Recording these images I always felt that they have been elevated rather than just exposed. They are more of a discovery because the result was not entirely predictable, as when the light and weather conditions changed during the course of the hours of exposure, or clouds covered the scene from time to time only to disappear moments later. Through the means of photography images came into being which are hidden to the human eye but nevertheless give a feeling of general validity and quietness - one truth perhaps.

- and I think of Edward Weston:

"I am not trying to express myself through photography, impose my personality upon nature but without prejudice nor falsification to become identified with nature, to know things in their very essence, so that what I record is not an interpretation - my idea of what nature should be - but a revelation or a piercing of the smoke-screen cast over life by irrelevant humanly limited exigencies into an absolute recognition."

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