Entry Title: "Exploded Cinema"
Ajax Law Ling Kit & Virginia Lung, One Plus Partnership (Hong Kong) Limited
, Hong Kong,Hong Kong
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

Upon entering cinema, audiences eyes would meet with the various-shaped and three dimensional boxes. Black and white engulfs the perimeter, conveying a hint of futuristic and the solitary feeling appears in disaster movies. Rectangular-shaped concessions and kiosk inclined with assorted angles, camouflaging themselves in disaster background, which triggers association of meteors in space or debris after chaos. On the ceiling above the concession lays a rectangular LED box, which could play movies or dynamic graphics within the area. Black marble tiles with white veins coated the entire ground. The flooring, which is supposed to be a two dimensional object, fills with three dimensional geometric graphics, as if they are multifold of rectangular boxes emerging from the ground.

Along the corridor, the vibe of disaster movies lingers. Several three dimensional white-coated metal pillars grow towards different directions, enacting the scenes after disasters, whereas buildings were being destroyed and scattered around. These irregularly-shaped pillars crisscrossed with each other to give a unique visual effect. Some of them even elongates into seats for people to take a rest. The lights on the ceiling also shaped like pillars, developing towards different directions and angles, visualizing the chaotic scenes further.

In the washroom, pillars elongate from the ceiling, minimizing the room space to create a sense of pressure. Several square basins look like the debris after disasters. Grey three dimensional square-shaped boxes of sound absorbing materials surround the auditorium, pointing towards altered angles. Some boxes enclose light sources, which give out light in this sea of darkness. With a monotone of grey engulfing the whole perimeter, it mimics the effect of the concrete rubbles scattered in the vicinity posterior a huge explosion. Different lengths of black and white stripes in the VIP room continue the three dimensional theme, adding an edgy whiff to welcome the special guests.

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