Entry Title: "UM Junior Top Kid's Wear Multi-brand Store"
Four Lau & Sam Sum (AS Design Service Limited)
, HONG KONG,Hong Kong
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

UM Junior is a shop with comprehensive collection of kid's world-renowned luxury clothing, with an area of 100 square meters which sets foot in Cotai Central. There are well-known brands such as "Cavalli", "Dolce & Gabbana", "Fendi", "Moncler", "Tod's", "Hogan" and "Young Versace", etc.

Designers feel that children are curious, independent, whose imagination and creative force are very strong, thereby hoping this project to be closer to them, it is not just a luxury clothing store, it should be more interesting, a larger space to give them a broader imagination, where they are the truly honored guest.

UM Juniors design concept is based on a kid's toy "Crazyforts". It is a unique and innovative construction toy, which is made of a ball feeder and connecting rods, to enable child's imagination to create a variety of possibilities through this simple components the structure of space. Designers use "Crazyforts" feature to create a whole space, whereby children in the store can observe through a combination of "Crazyforts", arising from their imagination and creativity, so that they feel the fun in it. Designers hope this is not just a retail store outlets, but where children can explore the many possibilities.

The most difficult of the entire project is to display furniture with metal structures, consider the design of production methods to enable on-site installation easier but also to control the overall cost, designers and metal manufacturer spent a lot of time in development, to try a different combination of metal structure situations, with a view to achieve the above most important points.

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