Entry Title: "Gold Bars Plan - the Light of China Community"
Arron Hsiao, photography based in Taiwan. Arron starts his photography and art series from 2012, including "The Demise of a Heavenly Body" 2013, "Train Project" 2012-2015, "Double Bed project" 2014. He earned several phot
, Taiwan
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Gold Bars Plan is an urban renewal plan which primarily aims to turn the poor and disadvantage HuaKuang Community ( meaning "Light of China" in Chinese) into upmarket department stores and commercial buildings. The HuaKuang Community residents are primarily soldiers who were following the Chinese Nationalist Party KMTregimes 1949 retreat to Taiwan. The government sent excavators to demolish the area without relocating the residents, who fought decades ago for the survival of the ROC (Republic of China) government in Taiwan. Those pictures were took in the period of flattening in Feb. 2014, with the cooperation of the hands of excavators and the KMT government. After few swift days, the whole community were gone, only the tombstone figure of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall remains, and several high mansions are still far on sight.

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