Entry Title: "H3 Flagship Store"
Keat Ong
, Singapore
Category and Expertise: Architectural Design, Professional

Entry Description:


H3 is a new China brand which specializes in wood products by well-known timber flooring company, Isable. This design exercise will attempt to emphasize H3 as The Wood Specialist and set a store identity for the brand's countrywide expansion.


The site is located in one of the prominent building products retail park called O-Park in Kunming, Yunnan.
The 3 storey building has a gross floor area of 858 square meter.

Design Brief:

To create a new kind of shopping experience for the consumers in a highly competitive building materials market.

To create a strong and memorable store identity with maximum visual impact.

To enforce the brand's push to be the expert for timber building products (such as timber floor boards, build-in furniture, timber doors).

To portray the brand's effort in it's constant push for sustainable process and products.

To capitalize on Isabel's success in timber flooring.

Design Concept:

Exterior -

Recycled wood is being used as a primary material for the facades.
For visual articulation, the building consist of 2 layers, the outer shell and inner skin.
Inner skin consist of 2 different depth with timber boards laid vertically. Outer shell also has 2 different depth and is expressed as angled folded planes with timber boards laid horizontally. These are intended to create a stark contrast between the Shell and the Skin with the use of a single monotonous material.
The primary material used are recycled timber planks from the surrounding demolished housing in this fast-developing city.

Each facade serves a different primary function at the street-level. The north facade consists of showcase windows, The east side serves as the outdoor stage backdrop with a giant outdoor LED screen, the south east facade is the main entrance while the south facade has a giant back-lit poster board.

The design hopes to create a landmark for this sprawling building-materials cluster which consist of worn-down industrial-looking shops and showrooms, hopefully becoming a portal which draws customers into the building with the transparency of the first storey.

Interior -

The first storey consists of the timber flooring sample zone, door sample zone, wardrobe door sample zone, discussion area, and window showcases.

The second storey consists of 7 sample rooms and the washroom.
The third storey consists of 5 sample rooms and 2 offices.

Connecting these floors is a skeletal structured staircase with glass railing and a custom-made acrylic pendant lamp links the floors visually.

Exterior of each sample room is cladded with timber board samples. Ceiling of each floor is finished with timber panels with graduating colours to give each floor's visitor a sense of location.
Floor finishes are a mixture of timber floor samples and cement screed. Columns would be seen as an extension of the floor with the same cement screed finish.

LED lights are used entirely in the building as to keep the electrical wattage down due to the limited supply allocated to each building in the area.

Due to the city's geography (almost-tropical latitude but with a 2000 m altitude), weather here is more than perfect for human habitation. Thus, air-conditioning is not provided. Instead, windows and openings are created at strategic positions to induce cross-ventilation of fresh air within the building.

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