Entry Title: "Nikken Space Design Osaka Office"
Tetsutaro NISHIDA, Chief designer Koichi TANIGAKI, Senior designer Mao NAKANOIN, Designer
, Japan
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

More than just creative
This is an in-house office plan of our design office, which is located in the central part of Japan's second largest city of Osaka. Our new office needs to be a place ensuring more creativeness and higher productivity than others do. How to achieve a creative place, where the character of each individual was respected and the organic connections of the individuals could be managed at a high degree of freedom, became the biggest theme of this project.

We have been aware that the number and quality of points where the staff members come in contact with people, things, and events, including business connections, materials, and books, are important factors that enhance the value that the office can offer to clients. Therefore, we have designed a mechanism enabling the staff members to move around the office freely to maximize the effect of the points. Each interior space of the office has been designed optimally to satisfy individual purposes, including meetings, the retrieval of information, and the selection of materials. Furthermore, each interior space is connected by highly migratory zoning. In addition, the floor has been designed three-dimensionally as a plate like the stand of a stadium, thus achieving a characteristic landscape with height changes as people walking inside while feeling the sense of unity as an workplace.

The office provides all individuals with movable work desks that can be laid out so that the work of every team as a working unit organized on a project-by-project basis will be visible and high-quality information exchange will be enabled. This is exactly the opposite approach of providing the interior of the office with universally designed flexibility, but the realization of the workspace facilitating flexible layout changes at any time has provided the office with similar flexibility.

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