Entry Title: "Yoshinoya Fast Food Restaurant"
Four Lau & Sam Sum (AS Design Service Limited)
, HONG KONG,Hong Kong
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

Inspiration: Top House

The main task of the designers is to turn new generation of Yoshinoyas image from fast food chain into a higher quality brand image, turns the store at the core of the busiest commercial district of Hong Kong into a Top House. It represents the brand as top fashion, luxury, avant-grande, and premium class with top quality of life, urging the busy pace of urban people to slow down, to enjoy optimized luxurious residential dining environment, spend quality time with friends, in order to deduce a new generation of "New way of living".

Designers emphasized on optimized lifestyle, using Japanese minimalist style and a lot of wood finishes, to bring out the Japanese way to pursuit slow pace and coordination, to balance the growing urbanization that destructs human, and to integrate traditional Japanese culture conceptual thinking and minimalistic modern decor taste, to become a new generation optimized dining experience new image qualities of Yoshinoya.

House in house design set upon the mood of courtyard patio space, making a small space to expand suddenly. It adds the fascination of interior architecture; produces an intimate form of a house; uses the house-shaped wooden structure at the top of the sofa seating area to hide a large number of ventilation and fire systems equipment and pipes (E & M Service). Due to the low building structures, the basic factors in considering functions and aesthetics add relative difficulties to design.

With soft lightings, modern wall lamps, flat picture frames, calligraphy that contains unique meaning and casual bar describe the luxurious residential elements, thus shaping the fashion taste and "home" as a primary core brand value. In addition with an imitation roof chimney shaped in different sizes, it successfully become the new focus and hangout spot in the heart of downtown facade.

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