Entry Title: "Floating of Fantasy Oasis"
Four Lau & Sam Sum (AS Design Service Limited)
, HONG KONG,Hong Kong
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

"Oasis" is often regarded as spring stream flow with fertile soil in wasteland; it is described as the best living environment of mankind by the people in the desert areas.

Designers then fantasize "Oasis" with "floating" feeling, the unit immediately becomes a luxury cruise suite and filled the requirements of the soul, and also changes the visual scenery. The interior is deliberately decorated as modern streamlined cruise, the purpose is to distract you from the crossbeam, and your eyes will flow to the sea view windows. The selected imported wood dining table, wooden floors and Japanese bonsai, serve the purpose of linking the indoor and outdoor ecological landscape together. Imported chandelier above the dining table looks like bubbles, the reflection of the spotlight and shadow becomes a part of the ceiling light and visual decoration.

The ceiling and the carpet of the living room and dining room echoes with each other, successfully separate the regions with natural contours, the streaks of ceiling turns the stiffness into vibrant clouds and plants, along with the special "Island/mountain landscape" design of the coffee table to strengthen the interesting and natural variability. Furniture turns the region to where you want to stay the most, feeling relaxed and fashionable.

Using a linear textured ceiling, turns the dull long corridor to become a virtual fantasy river landscape, and members of the house drifted back into their room. In the Birds Sing and Fragrant Flowers (master bedroom) suite, bringing elements of birds and flowers from an oasis environment; silhouette of golden birds and carved wood flowers defined flawless. Suddenly, like time has stopped, the canary were captured and they looked like dancing when flying, the flowers bloomed at the most brilliant moment.

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