Entry Title: "Insomnia "
Martina Geccelli
, London,United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

At night all cats are grey.

Perhaps the immobility of the things
that surround us is forced upon them
by our conviction that they are themselves,
and not anything else, and by the immobility
of our conceptions of them.
Proust, Swann's Way.

In bed, lights out- eyes wide open, not being able to sleep - the eyes adjust to the dark and focus on the room around. What one sees, is the familiar things gloaming in the dark.
Objects and space loose their details - diving into greyness. The chair covered with clothes, a table and the deep dark corner behind the recess.
What seems to be all bright and colourful during the day, sits now in quiet serious sturdiness, unmoved by things.
For my project I take my photography further - into the dark. Looking at interiors and still life I am interested to observe objects within spaces. An object takes shape through its edges; it separates from others through the light falling on to it. The surface reflects the light in colour. Colour helps the eye to recognize and distinguish the objects from each other. Forms, colour, texture are the characteristics. Removing the light, one
removes part of their identity, we see in black and white only. In Darkness the eye concentrates on the shape, the outline of an object, or a space. Things are now less defined by their individuality, but by their outline, their depth - and similarities. Shapes flow into each other, merging into new and larger forms. In darkness the lack of individuality and detail creates unity, allows more context, togetherness emerges. Volumes
stay next to an expanding flatness; space is vague.
Under very dim levels of illumination, the light reflection on surfaces is poor; it allows the eye to see forms and linesonly-marking a position in space -allingrey.

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