Entry Title: "The Painted Photograph: Colour as Black and White"
Judy D. Shane
, Vancouver,Canada
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

The Painted Photograph is an ongoing exploration into an interdisciplinary art practice that merges painting, the handmade, with photography using contemporary digital technologies. This current series, Colour as Black and White, references black and white photography while simultaneously remaining grounded in the realm of full colour. Digital photographs of individually sculpted brushstrokes of paint (hand mixed blacks using the subtractive colour primaries of red, yellow and blue) are captured at varying focal lengths. These stacked photographs (up to thirty-five in some instances) are then fused into one fully focused colour image and composited on to the background image, a high resolution colour scan of white canvas. These photographic artworks not only continue the dialogue of repetition, mathematical order, patterning and the examination of the micro world as seen through a macro lens (RGB Series and [Bracketing]), they also address notions of the painted brushstroke as landscape from both a painterly and photographic perspective.

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