Entry Title: "Sunflower-Eschatology."
CHIA YING, BETHEL, LU Education 2011 MFA Fine Arts, Academy of Art, SF, CA Awards 2015 Artists selected for exhibition in Agora Gallery, New York, USA 2007 Hou Iong Train Station Landscape design, Miaoli City, Tai
, Taiwan
Category and Expertise: Painting, Professional

Entry Description:

Bethel Lu was intrigued by all kinds of thoughts concerning the End of Days and, in response, she created this sunflower series. The sunflowers in her paintings is a reflection of human beings when faced with changes of the natural world, wars between countries, horrifying terrorism, suppression of thoughts, and financial and energy crises. The turmoil springing up in the world triggers a sense of crisis and an awareness of the End of Days among the human race.
The life of sunflowers is just like the life of human beings. It may seem to be fragile yet, when it blossoms, it is incredibly beautiful. We often feel impotent when looking at the world situation and its underlying threats. No political system is able to make the world a better place. With all the disastrous events happening in the world, we do feel that the End of Days is looming ahead.

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