Entry Title: "The Wine Lady"
Garima Lohiya
, Nagpur,India
Category and Expertise: Painting, Professional

Entry Description:

Edgy nerves , anxious moments and the anticipation of a jumpstart - Inspired by this muse , this artwork portrays a women's beauty enhanced by wine. Women have a complicated affair with wine. It is often seen as a primary means for connection and relaxation. Often women's emotional connection to wine is benign and positive as it may make them feel beautiful, calm them down, open up or connect with peers. The wine is enhancing the lady's flair and bringing out her conscience. The moment when something sweet , irresistible and charming as wine is raised to her thirsty lips , her emotive expressions come alive. This artwork portrays the love affair of wine and women which results into an aesthetic form of romantic realism.
Clever combination in contrasting colors of Black and White depict pure form of innocence , wholeness , and completion. Blending both with edgy elements and portrait , this beauty of imperfection creates pure still life poetry representing reliability , dignity and they come out to be calming , stable and elegant

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