Entry Title: "Benedito Lapin"
Pablo Slemenson Arquitetura
, São Paulo,Brazil
Category and Expertise: Architectural Design, Professional

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The project Benedito Lapin consists of a residential tower of elongated plant-oriented with the main facade facing north. The tower consists of four types of pavement, which narrows as it rises in height. Each floor consists of up to three housing units. All have good internal distribution, which is a project key feature. The building is well accommodated in a relatively small site and brings a modern architecture with an unique view of the Ibirapuera Park zone. The stepped volumetric tower explores its maximum utilization, ensuring comfort lighting and ventilation throughout. The glass facade provides natural lighting.
Another remarkable project feature are the gardens of the apartments. The green mass also take place on the tops of each scaled level. Such language strengthens the contemporary essence in addition to the visual relation with the surrounding green areas.
Sustainability is one of the great advantages of this project through provisions that contribute with the environment, especially the glass facade, offering natural lighting that demands lower energy use. Also through more efficient systems of lighting, lifts and air conditioning, garbage collection and vertical plumb this project achieves high levels of environment suitability.
The well delimited volumes define the boundaries of each unit always exploring interesting terraces in their scales. In the last escalation on the left the duplex apartments continue following the volumes, with the divisions for vertical gardens. On the top, a large duplex unit with glass finishing provides a singular design to live.

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