Entry Title: "Marquise Ibirapuera"
Pablo Slemenson Arquitetura
, São Paulo,Brazil
Category and Expertise: Architectural Design, Professional

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This residential tower was designed next to Ibirapuera Park, one of the most important parks in Sao Paulo. Concerning this main feature of the environment, the architectural starting point was to take advantage of the most of the beautiful views of this large green mass at various levels and possible angles.
As the project name suggests, the Marquise Ibirapuera building consists of a series of overlapping shelters, which are the basis for huge balconies visually connected with the park and the city skyline. Horizontal lines that mark the building front facades and the separate basement, which contains all public areas and form the tower basis, with different design from the other apartments, set up these shelters. On the main facade there is an element alternation that mark the terraces with different frames to the landscape.
The basement height and proportion dialogue with the street, while the fully glazed top dialogues with the surrounding landscape. At this point, there is a duplex apartment that functions as a "glass house" that explores a 360-degree view of the urban skyline. The materials predominantly used were brick, masonry (concrete) and the glass. Materials peculiar features were used carefully in the project to provide colours, textures and transparency. While transparency connect visual perception from the outside, masonry blocks it.
Structural walls give weight to the building, while the large balconies with glass protection bring the landscape into the interior of the apartments. The materials are apparent and project understanding is very easy. The housing units main characteristic is the integration of social areas, living rooms and the large terrace. Residents can freely use spaces, offering numerous possibilities. Marquise Ibirapuera had the name and architecture influenced by the park nearby and by the basic needs of the contemporary human being.

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