Entry Title: "Rays of Hope"
Limei Shimmen
, Singapore,Singapore
Category and Expertise: Textile, Professional

Entry Description:

Rays of Hope :
Being an animal lover as well as an artist, I flaunt the beauty of the skins by interpreting them using batik (wax and dye) technique on raw silk. This year's entry, I portray 5 species of stingrays and hope to prick the conscious of mankind's behaviour to our oceans which are facing serious threats.

The threats are:
1. Overfishing as it depletes stocks of fish beyond their ability to recover.
2. Predator loss releases prey populations from both the pressure and risk of predation.
3. Climate change is warming the oceans and making them more acidic.
4. Pollution poisons marine life . Vast quantities of solid and chemical waste from human activities are continually dumped into the oceans, including plastics, sewage, sediment, oil and toxins.
5. Habitat loss - Coastal development, trawling, and aquaculture all destroy important marine habitats vital for supporting ocean health.

Rays of Hope - to change our lifestyles and that we can minimise our impact on the oceans and ensure its natural resources are available for future generations and be as efficient with our energy usage and waste disposal as possible.

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