Entry Title: " Suspension of Disbelief Stair"
Marcy Wong
, Berkeley,United States
Category and Expertise: Architectural Design, Professional

Entry Description:

The suspension of disbelief stair emerged from the designer's vision: a stair created from a minimalist steel plate ribbon, folded to form the risers and treads, whose structural support is equally as minimalist utilizing slim, imperceptible suspension rods. The goal is simplicity and lightness of a stair half the weight of a conventional one, unfettered by traditional stringers, achieving structural requirements by exploiting the code required guardrails to doubly perform as structural trusses. The effect of this minimalist, hot -rolled steel stair is enhanced by its juxtaposition to the early 20th century industrial historic building shell which originally housed a factory.

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Marcy Wong and Donn Logan formed the current firm in 1999 following many years of successful collaborations on institutional, commercial and residential projects through their respective design practices. Mr. Logan and Ms. Wong's shared priorities result in the partnership's strong interest in clients and communities who value their focus on outstanding design using environmentally sustainable means. Logan and Wong's built and in-progress work has expanded to a wide range of educational, civic, cultural, community, and institutional projects. Their body of work for federal and local government agencies, private non-profit entities, and educational institutions has led to a substantial track record in projects such as visitor centers, community centers, conference centers, ferry terminals, educational facilities and performing and fine arts facilities.