Entry Title: "Mr "X""
Jan Kment
, Prague,Czech Republic
Category and Expertise: Sculpture, Professional

Entry Description:

Rough carving roof beams of marching man with bisected body.
Dimensions cca 80 x 210 x 120cm.

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Born in 1961 in Prague.
He spent his childhood in workers district Karlin.
He apprenticed by graphic reproduction with maturita of subject polygraphy.
He studied writing lyrics, acting, thereafter dramaturgy two years on the Theatre Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU) on Charles University.
Three years visited the sculpture atelier K.Gebauer of Art-industry Academy (VSUP) as a "visiting student".
He worked as a graphic designer, stoker, puppeteer, residential architect, mason, made decorations for movie and theatre ...
In 1988 he co-founded the czech dissent literary group "Moderni analfabet" (Modern illiterate).
He participated in many readings of poems and stories in many prague clubs, State Museum of Literature, etc. He published in magazines...
In 2003 - 2007, operated with his wife Karolina Kodetova music and visual art theater for children "Karlik".
1983 exhibited in the local Kulture centre his abstract "The Paper Reliefs".
The first figurative imagination of concrete, wood and metal elements created in the eighties in the boiler room Czechoslovak radio, where did stoker.
These works exhibited in 1991 at Palffy Palace, club of Jazz section entitled "Concrete and co." In variants the show yet appeared in Budweis kulture centre Staromestska and Karlin pub U Zabranskych ...
In 1991 - 1995, he participated in several group exhibitions and projects Art-industry academy in Carolinum, Vojan's orchards, prague Exhibition, Between Fences ...
1997 hang in a theater club Rubin by washed clothes under the name "Walk in the sky."
In the summer of 2012 he took part in a group exhibition of five sculptors "Across materials" in the TV club Rohlik.
The last project was a exhibition of sculptures, drawings and poems "Joists in the Eye" in the Jazz section at autumn 2012.