Entry Title: "The Frail Second"
Htet T San
, Elmhurst,United States
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Artist Statement

One day, I set out to find myself.

I have stripped out all the layers and walls I have built my existence up.

There I found this-
"the complete nothingness".

- so huge and overwhelming that I suddenly felt like I am going to collapse in any moment and never I will find myself again.

In the memory of that split moment, I created this project "The Frail Second".

Htet T San

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Htet T San was born in Dawei, a small town in the southern part of Burma, and grew up in the old capital city, Yangon.

In August 2008, at the turning point of her life, Htet received a scholarship to study photography and art studio studies in University of Alabama-Huntsville and she chose to pursue her hidden passion by dropping out of medical school on the verge of becoming a doctor.

Htet relocated to New York City in early 2011 and currently pursuing further studies while working as a visual artist/photographer and retoucher.