Entry Title: "You and Me on a Sunny Day"
Rocky McCorkle
, San Francisco,United States
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Rocky McCorkle, a contemporary American photographer, uses the phrase non-motion picture to describe his work, and, by doing so, the artist playfully employs, and negates, a term usually chosen for movies, also called motion pictures. Indeed, his 135 photographic stills project, entitled You & Me On A Sunny Day, is specifically not a movie format, and yet McCorkle takes part in the expansion of photography by incorporating many concerns related to cinema.

McCorkles practice could be seen as a fusion of the photographer, the filmmaker, and also the scriptwriter. You & Me, a monumental project that took the artist five years to complete, follows the fictional life of an eighty-four-year-old widow, Millie, in her everyday routine who is overcome with memories and flashbacks of her late husband.

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