Entry Title: "The Ordinary Stories of Polish Londoners"
Agnieszka Chmura
, London,United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Video and Film, Professional

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The aim of this project is to explore London's mosaic of ethnicities through a series of short films. I start with my own tile in this mosaic, the Poles. A bunch of portraits of ordinary londoners will tell the story of who they are, what drove them here, what dreams they are pursuing and how they contribute to making London an extraordinary city.

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I grew up in the changing reality of post-communist Poland, studied at Jagiellonian University and Universit de Provence, lived in Aix-en-Provence, Paris, London.

My main interests as a filmmaker are: time, urbanisation, modern society, simulacra. I look for simple stories.

I'm interested in the differences of perceiving the world by people in other cultures.

What I love about documentary film is that you are given the special power of investigating, discovering the unknown, getting people to share their stories, looking for and stumbling upon wisdom hidden in everyday banality, finding joy behind the surface of sadness and sadness behind the surface of playfulness.