Entry Title: "Cat-Lady Jams & Preserves Packaging"
Sumayya Alsenan
, Brooklyn,United States
Category and Expertise: Graphic Design, Professional

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Entry Description:

Cat-Lady Preserves carries an array of products such as jams, jellies, pickles, butters, mustards
and extracts.
I decided to just go with a simple, flexible solution that feels homemade and personal, yet
also artisan and gourmet.

The result was a series of simple labels that can adhere to each jar, the color palette is based on accent colors associated with
each product. The labels are printed on white matte paper, with
spaces for information filled out by hand, and a rubber stamped
central image. The jar caps are covered in kraft paper, then
embossed with a custom seal. Finally, the containers are tied
with black & white butcher thread and placed in hand-stamped
muslin bags.

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