Entry Title: "Catching the Self "
Nikol Mikus
, Montreal,Canada
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Catching the Self captures the inner most soul of its subjects. During the shoot participants were asked to close their eyes for lighting tests and unknowingly photographed. With eyes closed subjects are caught off guard, exposing the vulnerability and freedom of the private world of Inner Self. Alleviating the pressure of posing for the camera, these portraits allow us to be the voyeur, catching a glimpse of an uncensored, intimate moment.

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Nikol Mikus is an image-maker, based in Montreal, Canada. As an emerging commercial photographer she shoots satirical, ironic, editorial portraits with urban grit and subculture style. Her photos emanate attitude, power, sexuality, and of course... humor. She has established a rapport with professional performance artists, dancers, local clothing designers, and yoga and fitness instructors within the Montreal arts milieu. Nikol created a series for the Movember Campaign, entitled, Not Just another Wall Flower (2012). In 2013, this photo series was selected for the Portrait Category 2013 edition of the Applied Arts Photography & Illustrations Awards, as well as for the CAPIC Xpose Exhibition for the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.