jian hooi lo
, Kuala lumpur,Malaysia
Category and Expertise: Architectural Design, Professional

Entry Description:

This architectural design aims to represent the epitome of an optimistic architecture; an architecture that synthesizes its complex forces and realities into a coherent whole to become a potential social activator in the urban realm. The proposed design also aspires to wisely combine geographical and climatic conditions with innovative structural engineering design and provide new ideas in line with creating a sustainable urban development and good contemporary architecture. The design approach are based on 3 key principles such as connectivity, sustainability and feasibility.The chosen site is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (3.1357 N, 101.6880 E) UTC +08:00 and on a land size approximately 28,578 sqm (7.06 acres).The mixed-use development combines business and commercial facilities supported by social and cultural amenities. Offices and work studios are programmed in 2 tower to boast international corporate image. Commercial and social facilities are housed from ground to mid level mainly to inter connect them with adjacent transport terminals and amenities. Integration of the proposal with surrounding public amenities and transportation system creates a unique platform to serve and address the challenging trends of urbanization and sustainable city component for people.

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