Entry Title: "Dreaming of Syria"
David Brunetti
, London ,United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Hundreds of thousands of civilians have fled the conflict in Syria for the relative safety of neighbouring host countries such as Jordan. They have taken the risk to leave everything they know behind for an uncertain future abroad. And although they might have escaped the civil war, when they cross the border refugees face a host of new challenges.

Many Syrians have now settled in urban areas rather than refugee camps such as Zaatari that is now infamous for the tremendous number of Syrians it shelters. And as the number of refugees seeking safety in Jordan increases and the resources to cope with the influx dwindles, many Syrian families decide to leave the refugee camps.

The refugee crisis in urban areas is far less visible, but no less serious, than in the refugee camps. Many refugees in urban areas are living in unheated or unfurnished apartments, garages or tents, which are often overcrowded. Many families are facing increased debt as they struggle to pay for soaring rent and rising costs of food, water and other basic essentials. And with no access to income, their problems will only multiply. People are already running out of money for rent and essentials. Families will be forced to desperate measures to get by; many are already obliged to beg for food. They are deeply ashamed to do this, but they have no choice.

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David Brunetti is a London based photojournalist working worldwide specialising in editorial, portraiture and in-depth documentary photography.

Davids personal projects are visual narratives gathered over extended periods of time that confront issues of human rights, migration, refugees, conflict and identity. With a particular interest in humanitarian issues affecting identity in (post) conflict situations David aims to capture images that will influence, leave lasting impressions, move and inspire.

David Brunettis clients include EveryChild, Doctors of the World, UNHCR, Shelter, Humanitas, Target Tuberculosis, Right To Play, Children in Crisis, SOS Childrens Villages Austria, and the Middle East Institute/National University of Singapore. His photography featured in a variety of publications including Die Zeit, New Internationalist, FT, the Guardian, Esquire Russia, Its Nice That, Le Journal De La Photographie and Wall Street Journal. Davids work has been recognised by a number of photography awards including Fujifilm Distinctions Awards, Prix de la Photographie, Foto8 Summershow, the Hasselblad Masters, Portrait Salon, KLPA and the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize.

David currently dedicates much of his time to long-term photojournalism and reportage work and regularly photographs for documentary and exhibition projects, in addition to other assignments.