Entry Title: "Cor-Ten Cattails "
Peter Archer
, West Chester ,United States
Category and Expertise: Sculpture, Professional

Entry Description:

While performing as a fence to keep deer out, Cor-Ten Cattails was conceived as yard sculpture. Roughly 300 individual COR-TEN steel blades, set 8 inches apart, stretch from the corner of the house to the edge of the property. Each stanchion stands 8 above grade, 2 below, weighs 80-90 lbs, and is 5/8 thick. The serpentine layout of the fence is deliberate; it weaves through the front yard, around existing trees, straightening out only when crossing the drive, then continuing to weave on the other side. From some points the fence looks solid, and others it looks blade thin, sometimes projecting a wave effect of light passing through. During strong winds it actually becomes kinetic, an allusion to blowing blades of grass.

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