Entry Title: "Untitled (Congress series)"
eugenia cuellar
, Madrid,Spain
Category and Expertise: Painting, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

162 x 13o cm, oil on canvas.
In my paintings I try to offer a contemporary vision of major political narratives and such fundamental, universal topics as the abuse of power, exploitation and oppression, and also of a personal, individual human struggle.

In these paintings, I have focused on a particular event, no matter which or where, just a Congress. Nevertheless, this is only a starting point. All these historical and political references are somehow erased in order to concentrate on a particular aspect of the whole. This gives rise to a continuous metamorphosis between fact and construction, a grid of fragmented stories on collective and individual experiences.

The mixture between figurative approach the more conceptual abstract elements give these images an increased complexity and often force the viewer to revise a possible spontaneous initial interpretation.

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