Entry Title: "Decay"
Yingting Shih
, Taoyuan County,Taiwan
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

A military dependents' village is a community built in the late 1940s and the 1950s in Taiwan. Its original purpose was to serve as provisional housing for soldiers after the KMT retreated from mainland China to Taiwan. In the 1990s, the government began an aggressive program of replacing these villages with high rises, giving the residents rights to live in the new apartments. However, in the process of rebuilding, most military dependents villages will be completely demolished and disappear forever. I think I have to take some pictures for future generations and my country. So I go to more than twenty abandoned, derelict villages and try to reserve something we will miss. When I am there, most people have left their original houses. What I can see is just memories of the past. Very few if not none deny to move and hold down to their home. I try to reserve the aura of abandonment and express the feeling of solitude, loneliness and something floating fast out there.

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Assistant Professor of Department of Visual Communication and Design, China University of Technology, Taiwan