Entry Title: "Umix Top Underwear Multi-brand Store"
AS Design Service Limited
, HONG KONG,Hong Kong
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

When two or more opinions and ideas occur simultaneously without causing contradictions, we call this compatibility phenomenon, coexistence, mutual tolerance and ideology compatibility.

Designers felt there are many different opinions and philosophies between the sexes today, and hope to use the compatibility phenomenon to be the core design concept, that men and women are compatible of the modern ideology of mutual tolerance.

The use of different size, different angles of polygons to describe their own opinions, not only having idea of independence, but also it will create a more extended ideological significance and provide a new space for thinking philosophy.

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AS Design founder Four Lau and Sam Sum think the ideal design contains "Sense and Sensibility", they try to be capable of the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics, creating possibility of a wider range of design and artistic pieces.
With vast imagination, great market sense and determination to work together and achieve results with clients, AS design has grown into a thriving design firms in Hong Kong. The strength of the design agency lies in images renovation for business and corporate, with an aim to assisting brands to stand out and become globally renowned, the international brands mainly in Hong Kong & Mainland China as well as South Pacific region, as well as interior design of retail, hospitality, commercial and residential spaces.

AS Design has won a number of awards from international interior design competitions, including 8 awards from Italy A Design Awards, 3 awards from United States IDA, 2 awards from Taiwan TID, 2 awards from Hong Kong The Ring IC@WARD. AS Design also has been featured from the press media worldwide, the countries such as Holland, France, Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, Korea, China and Hong Kong.