Entry Title: "Sail"
Bettina Matzkuhn
, Vancouver,Canada
Category and Expertise: Textile, Professional

Entry Description:

Each free-standing set of sails is 360cm h x 270cm w x 120cm d. They are made from cotton canvas, machine sewn, with double-sided hand embroidery, and marine hardware. The mast is slightly tilted and the sails have specially formed battens in their seams to give the impression that they are full and underway. They are self-supporting, counterbalanced by heavy steel feet and will not damage the gallery floor. Sail raises ideas of environmental crisis, and communal and individual knowledge how we communicate and adapt within our environment.

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Bettina Matzkuhn has worked in fibre for over 30 years with an emphasis on embroidery and fabric collage. She holds a BFA in Visual Arts and an MA in Liberal Studies from Simon Fraser University. In the 1980s she animated and directed three award-winning films using textiles for the National Film Board of Canada and an interest in narrative continues to inform her work. She explores personal and social narratives about history, geography and the natural world. She exhibits her work in Canada and internationally, writes professionally on the arts, lectures and teaches.