Entry Title: "Two worlds wandering"
Yi-Hao Kan
, New Taipei City,Taiwan
Category and Expertise: Photography, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

The series of works adopt Staged Photography to exhibit my perception of Taipei, with mirrors to explore "the inner world" and reflect myself inside my heart. Visual pictures interlaced among photographers and observers reveal that a real world and a fictional world are mutually communicating.

Taipei in my impression often drizzles a lot. It brings me a feeling of melancholy. When surrounded by skyscrapers I feel rather small. In my memory Taipei seems just like a part of fragments, populated but with long distance where people aspire to a warm and caring "inside world". Facing ice-cold architecture and a po-faced "outside world" is like people hustle to open umbrellas in rainy days, seeing nothing but umbrellas. As with seen through mirrors, the world reflects in part not in whole and is interweaved between wanders of memories and reality.

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Yi-Hao, Kan prefers to base his photographic works on his personal senses and memories. He is especially skilled in body photography that is fused with performance art, and from which, he takes on the active pursuit to explore the various possibilities embodied by photographic art. Currently a member of The Collective & The Collection project, Kan has been awarded with the International Photography Awards and Prix de la Photographie, Paris, and he was also a featured entrant at Art Takes Miami.