Entry Title: "CELL"
Tomoya Matsuura
, Osaka,Japan
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Bubble art photography
The work "Cell" is an object created by attaching bubbles to thread. By expressing through photography, it hints at an organic existence within abstraction. It describes the vigor of life and mystery with a microscopic vision.

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A Japan-based artist, born in the Hyogo Prefecture. Started playing guitar and composing at the age of 15. Formed a band at the age of 20, and played in major festivals such as the Fuji Rock Festival and Metamorphose. Beside this, produced music for many TV adverts, TV series and films. In 2013, started activities as a solo sound artist under the name tmymtur, creating unique sound art that uses just voices, including ultrasonic waves. This is highly rated internationally as an unknown area of music. As part of this activity, released - kooha series of works with the participation of Taylor Deupree, Christopher Willits, Stephan Mathieu, and other artists. In the same year, created work as a photographer. The highly original works have been highly rated and picked up in exhibitions and media abroad, in places all over the world. Highly active within and outside the country with the concept of life, nature and the earth, in various styles of music and art, without being limited by the form of expression.